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We aim to bring ease and convenience with our remote interpretation services in Nigeria & Beyond.

Remote interpretation services in Nigeria with a difference

Remote interpretation services are best suited for times of limited mobility as well as for the purpose of convenience. It puts to play the expertise of a professional conference interpreter and the use of web conferencing platform such as Webex, Zoom, Teams etc.

Professional Interpreters from miles away

By nature, simultaneous interpretation involves engaging the services of professional interpreters to convey the message of a speaker from one language (source language), to another (target language) in real time. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation on the other hand, also involves the conveying a message from one language to another but does so via a web conferencing platform like Webex, Zoom, Teams etc.

Tech-Savvy Interpreters

Tech-Savvy Interpreters

It is one thing to be a professional simultaneous interpreter, and quite another to be capable of combining such professionalism with the intricacies of the ever-evolving web conferencing ecosystem. Our remote interpreters have over the years gained extensive experience to handle all sorts of local or international remote conferences that requires remote interpretation services.

Technical Support

Cost effective

The option of remote interpretation saves a lot of cost for both event organizer and host. It help cut down on the overall expenses  which could include cost of flying interpreter to the venue of the event as well as that saving the cost of hotels and other logistical arrangements. This option has become the new norm especially at times when there is a thin budget to spare or when social distancing has to be in play.


The major source of convenience that comes with the remote form of conferencing and meetings is mainly the flexibility of the entire setup. Desktop or mobile, one could practically be anywhere in the world and yet be in attendance of a very important meeting. Our Professionally trained remote interpreters are here to ensure a hitch-free conference. 

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One Major F.A.Q

This service usually involves a trained professional who almost-immediately interprets the messages from a source language into a target language, all while listening to the speaker in the source language. That is, while in a meeting of a multi-lingual audience, a simultaneous Interpreter (who understands both languages) listens to the speaker and translates the message into a desired language without taking any noticeable pauses in between words.