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We stand as the foremost interpretation agency in Nigeria and our goal is to make every international conference as seamless as possible.

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This profession is so specific that it is reserved for a select few that have mastered their craft over the years. We stand among the best in the business and bring easy interpretation services in Abuja.


Our team of simultaneous interpreters are always ready to the take the challenge. We are available in under 48 hours notice and we are ready regardless of the destination.

Competitive Pricing

As much as quality often comes with a high price-tag, we always try to go a step further by making our interpretation services in Abuja as competitive as possible.

interpretation agency in nigeria

Simultaneous Interpretation

During the course of our years in the field of languages and interpretation, we have come to realize the key role that accurate communication play in our everyday lives. The need for precision at all times cannot be over emphasized as the wrong meaning at the wrong time could bring about misunderstanding or worse. To this end, professional interpretation services from a reliable Interpretation Agency in Nigeria, is vital to a business’ success. It is imperative to have both speaker and audience constantly be on the same page and with our wealth of experience in the industry, we guaranty a positive outcome always. DY+ Language Solutions has a track record of success in delivering premium simultaneous interpretation services in Nigeria and other specialized fields like: simultaneous interpreters for international conferences, forums, symposium, focus groups within and outside Nigeria.

The #1 Place for Interpretation in Abuja

From the very beginning, our focus has not only been on the international stage, but on the African continent too. We are very efficient in orally passing the message from one language into most of the African dialects. Our network of interpreters are well trained and equipped to help keep both the locals and the client on the same page. Our major language pairs include: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Arabic, Urdu, Italian and most African languages like Pidgin English, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Hausa, Swahili, Ijaw etc.

With our client base and network of Simultaneous Interpretation experts spread across the major international conference hubs of the world, we are not just capable but also willing to go where ever the international conference or assignment may require. We are just a few clicks away to make for a seamless and professionally delivered interpretation services.

interpretation agency in nigeria

Interpretation services in Abuja
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simultaneous interpretation services

Professional Interpretation Agency in Nigeria

Over the years, we have become quite renowned as a trusted interpretation agency in Nigeria and our interpretation services cut across several language pairs. We attained this International recognition by the dedication and professionalism that our team of simultaneous interpreters always bring to the table. Our elaborate list of clientele include international brands like The United NationsAfrican Union, ECOWAS to mention a few. It would be our utmost delight to welcome you to Nigeria and to provide you with a professional simultaneous interpretation service that guarantees  seamless conference deliberation.  

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Here are responses for some commonly sought-after queries as regards the simultaneous interpretation services in Abuja and elsewhere.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

This service usually involves a trained professional who almost-immediately interprets the messages from a source language into a target language, all while listening to the speaker in the source language. That is, while in a meeting of a multi-lingual audience, a simultaneous Interpreter (who understands both languages) listens to the speaker and translates the message into a desired language without taking any noticeable pauses in between words. 

The other types of interpretation aside from  Simultaneous Interpretation are:

  • CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION which is carried out after the speaker takes a pause at every interval of about 2 to 5 minutes and the interpreter is left to repeat what was said in the target language. This type of interpreters are most often employed in small meeting and court hearing.
  • ESCORT INTERPRETATION: Also known as Travel interpretation, they mainly accompany business travelers on their trips and also serves the bridge between the two cultures.
  • WHISPER INTERPRETATION: This type of interpretation is very much like that of the Simultaneous Interpretation but in this case, the interpreter is not in a booth, rather, he or she sits side-by side to the person for whom he or she interprets.  This type interpreter always accompanies the president of a country on every international trip where a different language is spoken.
  • TELEPHONE INTERPRETATION: This kind of service, like the name implies, happens over the telephone where both parties schedules a time to resolve an issue that arise from a form of language barrier. This services is mostly employed by customer service sections of many organizations.

Professional interpreters usually charged per hour or per day depending on the nature of the job to be done. For a conference interpreter, he or she schedules his/her time in line with the conference at hand while other interpreters charge according to the peculiarity of the job at hand.

On the average, you can expect to pay up to $600 per day and this excludes other charges like hotel charges and flight charges as the case may require.

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