Standard French course tailored for complete beginners and intermediate students. Guaranteed to get you speaking and writing the basics in 24 Weeks

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Online French Classes in Nigeria


Study French from the comfort of your Home/Office without the hassle and cost of transportation.


Study under seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience and a lifetime of passion.


Dedicated Zoom classes (not more than 10 students per class) tailored to keep you active.


Standard online tests conducted every 6 weeks following the approved A1, A2 standard.


We offer you multiple professionals such that there are separate tutors for oral & written exercises


We are confident that despite the quality that we offer, our pricing is competitive too.

Online French Classes For Adults & Kids

All you need is a computer connected to the internet, a microphone and a webcam. For better results, we strongly recommend that each participant use a headset and a quiet room with no background noise.

Who Can Benefit From Our ZOOM Classrooms?


Per month

Includes (Online audio for computer or phone & Study PDF materials)

SCHEDULE: 3 Times per week, 1 Hour per Session

More Info:  Call or Whatsapp 08032056281

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You have to see it to believe it! Our language tutorials are delivered with you as the main target.

Monitor your Progress easily

Dedicated professionals always willing to assist each and every student to ensure that nobody is left behind.