DY+ Language Solutions as  a translation agency in Nigeria was born out of the frustration that individuals and businesses encountered when it was time to take their goods or services outside the shores of Nigeria. In the past, one would have to travel to the language faculty of the  nearest university in Nigeria in order to employ the services of a document translator or a conference interpreter. Our arrival to the scene brought about an easy and seamless medium to engaging the services of a translator or Interpreter. We were not only able to break the language barrier between individuals in the country and their prospective clients abroad, we were, most importantly, able provide easy access to thousand of language professionals across the globe, thereby bringing the world even closer to numerous individuals and business owners – home and abroad.



This has been our watchword from day one and we always ensure its principles guide us always



As a rule, we only engage the most qualified persons because we have a name to protect - Square pegs in square holes.


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Our core duty is to provide seamless solution to your language challenge, all within reasonable price.

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DY+ Language Solutions is a translation agency that recognize the fact that poor communication in any field of endeavor can result in great misunderstanding or even worse. For this reason we make it a point of duty to provide qualitative education, professional translation and interpretation as well as all other academically and language related services to as many individuals as may desire. We are a group of trained linguists and tutors with the passion and proficiency for translation, interpretation, languages and communication.

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It is our utmost desire and pleasure, at every given opportunity, to breach the communication gaps that naturally exist between people of different race, culture and nationality. A translation agency based in Lagos – Nigeria. We render numerous language and intercultural related services not only to Nigerians and foreign companies based in Lagos, but also to individuals and corporate bodies whose business resides in Nigeria and to pleasure seekers hoping to make Nigeria a temporary place of abode.

What We Offer

We are a network of over 70 experienced translators, interpreters and private tutors who currently work or have worked and served, at one point or the other, in prestigious schools and International organizations in Nigeria. We are a small group that have been operating from within Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria to other parts of the world since 2007. Our intention in the nearest future is to expand to other parts of West Africa while retaining a strong quality control over the numerous services that we provide.

onaiwu destiny

Onaiwu Destiny

Founder / CEO

All the services rendered by the numerous professionals and specialists of this translation agency are tailored to meet the respective language needs of our clients and prospective clients. With a network that stretches across the West-African region and a wide range of affiliates across the world, we guarantee you not just excellence of service but also affordability of cost.

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