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DY+ Language Solutions is a translation agency that recognize the fact that poor communication in any field of endeavor can result in great misunderstanding or even worse. For this reason we make it a point of duty to provide qualitative education, professional translation and interpretation as well as all other academically and language related services to as many individuals as may desire.

We are a group of trained linguists and tutors with the passion and proficiency for translation, interpretation, languages and communication. It is our utmost desire and pleasure, at every given opportunity, to breach the communication gaps that naturally exist between people of different race, culture and nationality.

A translation agency based in Lagos – Nigeria. We render numerous language and intercultural related services not only to Nigerians and foreign companies based in Lagos, but also to individuals and corporate bodies whose business resides in Nigeria and to pleasure seekers hoping to make Nigeria a temporary place of abode. In addition to the ECOWAS official languages (ENGLISH, FRENCH and PORTUGUESE), we also have specialists in SPANISH, GERMAN, CHINESE as well as all other Nigerian Local languages as the job may require.

Over the years, we have been in business with corporate groups and individuals from Asia, Europe, America and also from here in Africa and so far it has been a mutually benefiting venture for both us and our clients. We invite you to browse through our various products and services as we hope you will feel free to contact us via email, telephone or by simply filling out our CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you within the hour to discuss  your language need.

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We are a network of over 70 experienced translators, interpreters and private tutors who currently work or have worked and served, at one point or the other, in prestigious schools and International organizations in Nigeria. We are a small group that have been operating from within Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria to other parts of the world since 2007. Our intention in the nearest future is to expand to other parts of West Africa while retaining a strong quality control over the numerous services that we provide.

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All the services rendered by our numerous professional and specialists of this translation agency / interpretation company, are tailored to meet the respective language needs both for business and pleasure. With a network that stretches across the West-African region and a wider range of affiliates that not only guaranty excellence of service but also affordability, due to the fact that we always engage the locals of respective communities in the bid to make your experience an unforgettable one.

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