Interpretation Equipment in Nigeria for Multi-lingual events.

Providing state-of-the-art interpretation equipment rental in Nigeria for your multi-lingual meetings and workshops.

Our Interpretation Equipment at Work

Interpretation Equipment Rental in Nigeria

Our interpretation equipment rental services are professionally tailored to bring ease and professionalism to your international conferences and events. We stand by you throughout your physical and remote interpretation events with the full backing of our expert interpreters, trained technicians as well as our quality equipment. 

What do you Get?
Multi-Channel Receivers

Each conference delegate receives a multi-channel receiver which enables them get audio feeds from the interpreter.


Each multi-channel receiver is connected with a state-of-the-art headphone which in turn produces a crisp quality sound

Interpreters' Booths

You also get the option of having sound-proof interpreter's booth that helps isolate each interpreter surrounding noise.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

In order to ensure seamless deliberation both by the conference organizers as well as the guests and participants, we at this Interpretation Agency in Nigeria take it upon ourselves to eliminate any possibility of hindrance that could arise from any international organization conference. We don’t only provide you with the professionals to anchor the conference, but also offer  interpretation equipment rental in Nigeria to power and effectively manage the entire conference. We rent out our interpretation equipment and thereby take on the complete responsibility to properly manage every technical and professional aspect of your international conference, webinar, remote interpretation and the likes.

Interpretation Equipment Rentals
Interpretation Services Providers

Our simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services are not limited to just Lagos and Abuja but across West-Africa as the job necessitates. Our vast range of clientèle goes to show how much distance we are willing to cover to get your job done.

Local & International Conference Managers

We also partner with international hotels and major event centers across Nigeria and by that greatly reduce the time and expense incurred in managing both aspects of organizing an international conference.

interpretation equipment
You also get...
Cordless Microphones

Most events are incomplete without wireless microphones that enables delegates and participants communicate or ask general questions that bothers on the subject of discussion.

Table Microphones

In case of a small or a round-table style meeting, a table microphone is often very necessary to ensure that as many participant as possible air their views. We guarantee only this best.

Conference Interpreters

Most importantly, there are often no multilingual meetings without the valuable services of professional simultaneous / consecutive interpreters. They help bridge the language barrier.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental in Nigeria
DY+ Language Solutions is an agency that relies on cutting edge technology to provide qualitative digital audio and visual output meeting highest industry standard. Our team of professionals have over the years served in a sizable number of simultaneous and consecutive, local and international conferences so much that we are regarded as being among the best and foremost conference service provides in Nigeria.
Translation equipment, Lagos & Abuja
Although often called translation equipment, we stand at the forefront when it comes to rental, installation and management of these simultaneous interpretation equipment. We have become an authority and a force to reckon within Nigeria. This team of professional technicians are constantly available to ensure that all system remains under optimum performance all trough the duration of the conference or international meetings. At a time when there are multitudes of international and multi-lingual conferences holding across the globe, and with the ever present need for countries to reach new deals with other countries of the world, it is always our delight to make available our expert services. Do give us a call today as our interpretation equipment are ready for deployment to Lagos, Abuja and across the Africa.

How we stack up - Our Numbers

Professional International conference interpreters
Network of interpreters across Africa
Interpreters with over 15 years of experience
Services delivery rate.
Average cost per conference (Competitive pricing)
Other Affiliated Interpretation Agency across Africa
Affiliated interpretation agencies accross Europe & America

While the concept of simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services might be new to some, it is quite well known among organizers of international conferences as well as the interpreters themselves. Here are few questions gathered so far as asked repeatedly by past prospective clients.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Interpretation equipment are a combination of specialized devices that aid easy transmission of audio messages from a speaker of a particular language to an audience of a different language. Such devices are: IR Receiver, IR Radiator, IR Transmitter, Interpreter headphone with microphone, Interpreter console and headphones.

An interpretation booth is a portable and easy-to-assemble compartment meant to isolate conference interpreters for the duration of a conference. It is usually sound-proof in nature and allows for easy visibility of the conference speaker and delegates.

During a conference or a meeting of participants of multiple languages, a professional simultaneous interpreter listens to the speaker who speaks in a language A, and almost-immediately translates the equivalent language B into a microphone that is in turn broadcasted through the interpretation equipment into the wireless receivers and headphones in the hands of other conference delegates that only understand language B.

Professional interpreters usually charge per hour or per day as the job may require. They often consider a period of 6-7 hours as a day.

Usually, interpretation equipment are rented for the duration of multilingual conference or meeting. on the average, a set of interpretation equipment meant for an average of 100 delegates can cost about $450 per day.