Bloom Homeschooling for kids

Homeschooling for kids - A productive audio-visual manual for your kids. (with little or no assistance from Parents or Tutors)

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Homeschooling for kids

Keep your kids engaged this season with a professional homeschooling audio-visual material for kids. Awesome textbook accompanied with explanatory videos.

Bloom Audio-Visual Books for Kids

Home schooling learning workbook and DVD for in KG1&2 and Nur 1&2. Highly useful within the classroom and also at home.

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Homeschooling for kids | Bloom Audio-Visual Books for Kids

It comes with carefully prepared lessons for Kindergarten 1 & 2. As well as engaging tutorials for Nursery 1& 2. Every lesson is fully packed to keep your kids happily involved all through each lesson. Topics cover over 12 weeks of academic learning material and very self explanatory.

Give your kids that boost today! Get the Bloom audio-visual materials for your kids and wards. Distributors and schools are welcome to subscribe.