Time Coded Transcription Services in Nigeria

This is meant to give a brief insight into the little-known field of time coded transcription. We will attempt a general definition and also list some of its features as used in Nigeria today.
Time coded transcription services in Nigeria

As previously mentioned in the F.A.Q section of our audio transcription services page, we gave a simple definition that  audio transcription is the written version of any verbal communication. Time coded transcription on the other hand, are meant to serve as indicators of the actual time that a particular word or phrase was mentioned in an audio or video file. Also known as timestamps, time codes are inserted into  transcripts at regular or specified interval and they serve as pointers to where a text can be found in an audio or video file. The presence of time codes in a transcript makes it easy to review specific moment within an audio or video file.

Time coded Transcription sample

The picture below shows a typical example of what the final outcome of how a time coded transcription document looks like. Notice the time format always employed is [hh:mm:ss]. From the table, it shows that the conversation started exactly on the 5th second and went through to the 6th second. This serve as a reference number and helps to easily locate any specific piece of  content that was mentioned in the source media file. In a situation where there are more than one speaker, in addition to time coding, different colors schemes could be employed to help identify the speaker at a glance.


The whole idea of having a timestamp on any media file, first and foremost, is to allow for convenience.  A time coded media file is much easier to review and that in turn helps to save time and resources. Time coded transcription often serves as the basics for most subtitling services. It is important to note that the sequence of each timestamp is always predetermined by the client or customer to suit their desired end result.

Our recommendation

In a nutshell, we have explained what you should expect while trying to have your media file transcribed. We accept that different clients may indeed have more specific expectations (as they should) that were not mentioned in this brief explanation of what to expect from your transcription service provider. We make bold to say however, that when it comes to proper and professional time coded transcription services in Nigeria, your best option is DY+ Language Solutions.

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