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Top B2B Agency in Africa 2020 (Translation Services)

“We often refer to ourselves as the ‘Foremost Translations Agency in Nigeria’ because we were the first to take the translation services online in the country. Now we are even more delighted that our effort is being recognized outside the shores of Nigeria.” — Onaiwu Destiny, CEO. DY+ Language Solutions.

Hausa Translation Services

Hausa Translation Services | Hausa Interpretation Agency in Nigeria

The Hausa language has gradually evolved into one of the most spoken languages by any ethnic group in Nigeria. Here we examine what has increased the need for the Hausa translation services in recent times and what makes DY+ LS stand out among other translation agencies in Africa.

Time coded transcription services in Nigeria

Time Coded Transcription Services in Nigeria

This is meant to give a brief insight into the little-known field of time coded transcription. We will attempt a general definition and also list some of its features as used in Nigeria today.

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