9 business opportunities open to Translation Agencies in Nigeria

This is a spotlight on the various business opportunities that are available to Translation Agencies in Nigeria as well as other language service providers.
Translation Agencies In Nigeria

In today’s diverse and multi-cultural world, the need for some form of translation and interpretation services cannot be overemphasized, especially as it regards the desire for international opportunities. With today’s trade and commerce now crossing boundaries globally, only the players properly equipped with all the necessary tools and resources stand the chance of earning some form of returns from such international trade.

As the most populous nation in Africa, our focus for this post will be to outline 9 unique business opportunities that available to translation agencies in Nigeria as well as well as to identify other language related services that can be offered to visitors and investors in Nigeria.

1. Document Translation Services

Document Translation Dy+ Language Solutions

As business or pleasure take you to other countries where a difference language is spoken, it becomes mandatory that all your official documents assume the language of your new place of abode. Documents such as International Passport, Marriage certificate, academic certificates, academic transcripts and the likes are often required to be translated before they can be submitted at Embassies. There is also the issue of notarization where the translated document is certified by an official of the law (mostly a lawyer), who confirms the content of such document to be authentic. Be it for an official or non-official purpose, the Document Translation services can be rendered wide range of client as the situation and scenario demands.

2. Simultaneous Interpretation Services

interpretation agency in nigeria

Being the most populous black nation in the world tends to attract investor and other non-profit organizations into the country and as such has made her capital – Abuja, one of the most frequented destinations in Africa in terms of international conferences. One very important feature that puts a company amount the foremost translation agencies in Nigeria is that of conference interpretation.  Well trained interpreters with a wealth of experience gained from working closely with international organizations such African UnionECOWAS and the UN Women. Most events are usually hosted at the country’s capital – Abuja due to its proximity to luxury hotels and international conference centers. A fair amount of international conferences is also hosted in Lagos which is commercial hub of the Nation

3. Interpretation Equipment Rental

Interpretation Equipment in Nigeria

In addition to the professional translators and interpreters in the business, one other language service opportunity that readily comes to mind in Nigeria is the rental of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment. This is the set of equipment that allows for smooth interaction between the speaker at a conference and the group of conference attendees who may be from different language background. It follows a process where the message of a speaker at any given conference is almost instantaneously transmitted into a target language by an interpreter who is seated in a secluded booth while talking into a console which in turn broadcast the desired language into the individual receivers and headset present with every single conference attendee present at the event. Also, up for rent are: Interpreters’ booths, headsets, Microphones, Monitors and PA Systems.

4. Time-coded Transcription Services

Time coded transcription services in Nigeria

As a business or and individual, language is such a uniting force that instantly makes you feel welcome once you can identify with whatever information is being passed across. One major service that has gradually open Nigeria to the world is the transcription of audio and video contents like documentaries, movies and news feeds. It involves the meticulous listening of audio or video files and thereafter making it out into printable text. This service is popular among many Translation Agencies in Nigeria as well as many other freelances which work tirelessly to transform international contents into the local languages predominant in Nigeria (Pidgin, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo). Unless where otherwise agreed upon, the transcription is done verbatim to properly reflect the true sequence of the original message. Nigeria – the largest movie maker in Africa, employ the services of such time-coded transcriptionists to add a subtitle to every single spoken word in all its locally created contents.

5. Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services in Nigeria

The job of any writer or content creator is never truly done until such a piece is put under scrutiny. A writer understands that the beauty and success of any written work can only be appreciated when it is free from errors. To this end, many freelancers in Nigeria with the professional touch and expertise have over the years teamed up with Language Service Providers in the country to provide professional proofreading and editing services to a very unique client base who realizes that a letter or punctuation wrongly used could mar the entire effort put into creating a written content. They guard against errors as minuscule as that of punctuation, typos or event that of grammar thereby upholding the quality and integrity of such a write-up.

6. Voice-over Translation Services

Translation Services in Nigeria

With a population of over 190 Million, Nigeria remains a huge market for a variety of  products; both physical and digital. Its young and growing population consume a lot of content and is constantly a target for many foreign content creators. With the aid translation agencies in Nigeria as well as trained voice-over artists and transcribers, many contents of foreign origins have now found their way into the immediate homes of an average Nigerian. These voice-over artists also stand between the International aid bodies and the locals in remote parts of the country and their services help to carry and transform their information in form of radio advertisements and other basic awareness campaigns. This in the long run helsp save lives and educate people of new methods and approaches to things.

7. Language Immersion Services

Translation Services in Nigeria

As the world continue to witness immense growth technologically, it has becoming increasingly imperative to understand and properly communicate in the language of the more technologically advanced nations. Arts. Commerce and leisure are other top reason why people go out of their way to learn a new language. A country such as Nigeria, bordered by Francophone countries (Benin Republic, Niger and Cameroon), there are a few Language immersion service providers established in the heart of Lagos and Abuja to cater for the immersion needs of foreign language students from other Francophone territories aiming to acclimatize to an Anglophone environment which greatly helps the language student improve upon their new language of study.

8. Educational Excursion Services


Contrary to the mentality and practices of old, most private and public schools in Nigeria of today are very much interested in the enlightening their students on the importance of mastering as many international languages as possible. They are mindful of the numerous potentials that such a skill bestows upon that child. For this reason therefore, many schools partner with other translation agencies in Nigeria to provide the necessary assistance on planning the trips to some exotic locations for a change (within or outside the country). In cases where such a trip takes them outside their country, the language agency also make provision to serve as the middle-man to ensure that any possible language barrier is surmounted seamlessly.

9. Language Tutorial Services

Translation Services in Nigeria

Possibly one of the most obvious business opportunities in this list is the fact that language studies have gradually become a money maker for its consultants in the last decade. As more people nurture the desire to study in countries where a language much different from the Lingua Franca of their country of birth, they are often mandated to write a proficiency test to show a basic understanding of the language to which they now plan to start a new course of study or possibly a new life. This need has given birth to numerous language schools and other forms of private home tutorial services which in turn, if properly planned and publicized can be quite rewarding in the end.

Translation Company in Nigeria - An Untapped Gold Mine

Up until recently, most trained linguist within and outside Nigeria have only limited their scope of service around rendering just document translation as a service but this is an meant to serve as a guide into how much more can be done within the sphere of this rare profession as well as to bring some attention to services of most translation agencies in Nigeria.


  1. An interesting read. This piece is very informative and timely for a language enthusiast like me. I definitely picked-up something. I was wondering though how exactly the Time-coded transcription is. Does is require a specific software? If yes, I hope it not very expensive.

    1. Yes there are a few applications that transcribe the English language but they could be quite expensive and are usually limited to just English language for now. It may be a bit difficult to transcribe other local languages. With we usually do at DY+ Language Solution however is use professional transcriptionists to literately listen and transcribe word for word.

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